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Is Renewable Energy As Clean As We Think? |

Think broadly, and remember your areas of expertise. Finally, talk with friends, family, and colleagues as they will help push you towards ideas for things people want or need.

Bill Gates and the Quest for Sustainable Energy

Some people build a business around an idea and then try to sell that idea rather than building the business around something people already want to buy. Green consumers are no different. Despite all the hype about environmental sustainability, there is evidence suggesting that green consumers are still looking for the same things most consumers want: individual benefit at a low cost. Although the environmentally conscientious market, labeled LOHAS Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability , is growing, the green market is still relatively niche. Thus, one needs to remember to educate consumers on the advantages of renewable energy, including showing them how it can add more value to their lives at a lower cost.

Consumers, however, are not the only group that one needs to consider when looking for the right opportunity. One must also think about how the product and service will affect or be affected by other actors , such as suppliers, the government, the competition and financing organizations like banks. In devising a business plan , it is helpful to determine if there are other businesses in other regions of the world that are already offering a similar product or service.

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Look at the fundamentals of those businesses, and use them as models for developing your own plan. Regardless of how extensive you decide to make your business plan, you definitely need to do some initial market research and summarize a business concept. You will want to analyze cost and revenue projections and set out some key milestones for developing and launching your business. Remember to conduct interviews with potential customers in order to get a sense of the demand for your product or service and how best to introduce it to the market.

Also, contact suppliers to get price quotes on materials and services that you will need to manufacture your product or deliver your service.

Masen and Cleanergy step up their joint quest for low cost solar energy storage

Every business succeeds or fails on the basis of its ability to sustain itself financially, but it could take some time before revenues are large enough to cover costs. Using your own savings may also serve to show other potential investors that you are serious about the future of your new venture. One could also attempt to find external financing from banks, venture capital or the government. However, financing the first two options may be harder to obtain in the early stages as they will want to see an existing company with strong growth potential before forking over money.

While it can take some time to receive approval and not all businesses are eligible, government funding could be a good way to go given the numerous incentives for cleaner, more sustainable technologies and services. Visit the U.

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This is not easy, but it can be very rewarding, especially since, with renewable energy, you are sustaining your livelihood as well as that of people all over the world for many generations to come. Renewable energy entrepreneurs may just save the planet. Renewable Energy.

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  8. Small Business. How To Start A Business. Investopedia uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Investopedia, you accept our. To ensure this, Bangladesh cannot be fully dependent on its own natural resources such as coal and gas to produce electricity, as both of these emit massive amounts of CO 2. Furthermore, the current gas reserves of Bangladesh are not sufficient for industrialization and power generation concurrently. Consequently, it becomes heavily reliant on the importation of coal, oil and gas from overseas which again creates threats to supply and national security as well, where the global reserves are also reducing quickly.

    Alternatively, Bangladesh can concentrate on renewable and ecofriendly sources of energy such as solar, wind, biomass, thermal, hydropower and geothermal but those are not as cheap as burning fossil fuels. Conversely, construction of a power plant beside a biodiversity hotspot is a clear threat to the ecosystem. Decisions on where to build nuclear waste repositories may raise severe concerns over the health and agriculture of the marginal rural communities.

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    Moreover, forceful eviction of local communities, including the indigenous, or acquisition of land without proper consultation, compensation an, participation or disclosure of full information, will definitely do an injustice to them. Moreover, disproportionate distribution of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar energy, may require re-thinking the distribution of energy costs and subsidies in societies that play host to high levels of social stratification and division. For example, a transition to renewable energy systems may deprive low-income households of meeting basic energy demand, due to increasingly higher prices as the costs of subsidies are passed on to consumers.

    Although Bangladesh has recently legislated new laws and policies focusing on renewable sources of energy and has established the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority to accelerate the process, it produces about 90 per cent of its electricity from fossil fuels, while the internal reserves are depleting quickly. Additionally, the price of power has become so high for low-income people in the last couple of years. There is also major lack of due process and good governance in the energy sector throughout the country which ultimately obstructs sustainable development. The absence of informed decisions and consent in most of the energy projects makes it more difficult for the local and indigenous peoples to know their benefits and burdens, and the intention of the corporate entities.

    Nonetheless, better representation of different marginal and ethnic groups in energy policymaking institutions potentially offers a more proactive approach in achieving justice. However, energy justice emphasizes on inequalities within energy systems and transitions and advocates for the equitable sharing of both the benefits and burdens of energy system services and for more inclusive decision-making processes. It can also be used as a framework to identify when, where, and how injustices occur within energy systems and how these injustices can be eliminated.