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Computational River Dynamics

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Talk to Us. Follow LimnoTech. To evaluate the environmental impacts of the flood water on lake ecosystems, a two-dimensional numerical model was developed based on CCHE2D and applied to simulate the flow circulation, sediment transport and algal biomass distribution in Lake Pontchartrain. The effect of sediment concentration on the growth of algae was considered in the model.

Weiming Wu, Dr.

The simulated results were generally in good agreement with filed data and satellite imagery. The field observation and numerical model show that during the spillway opening for flood release, the sediment concentration is very high, which greatly restricts the growth of algae, so there is no algal bloom observed in the lake. After the closure of BCS, the sediment concentration in the lake reduces gradually, and the nutrient concentration of the lake is still high. Under these conditions, numerical results and satellite imagery showed that the chlorophyll concentration was high and algal bloom might occur.

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