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What is a graph? A graph is connected if there is a path between any two vertices. If in a graph every vertex has an even number of edges incident upon it, the graph will have a Eulerian cycle. A graph has an Eulerian Cycle if and only if all vertices have even numbers of edges. If a graph can't make an Eulerian Cycle, the process to make it a Eulerian Cycle is called Eulerizing. A eulerian cycle is especially useful when trying to optimize paths and routes.


For example, these cycles would be used when designing routes for trash collection, checking parking meters etc. Using a Eulerian cycle would allow one to save time by only walking down each street or pathway one time.


Q: How do you know where to place new edges when you are trying to Eulerize an graph? A: Add edges to all the vertices with odd degree, until every vertex has even degree. There are multiple ways to Eulerize a graph, some will be more efficient than others. An Eulerian Cycle is a cycle in a graph which contains every edge. Hamiltonian Cycles.

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Incidence and Adjacency Matrices, Flows and Tensions. Algorithms and Their Complexity.

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Final Remarks. Characterization Theorems and Corollaries. Mixed Graphs. Euler Revisited and an Outlook on Some Generalizations. Parity Results.

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Double Tracings. Crossing the Border: Detachments of Graphs.

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Various Types of Eulerian Trails. Eulerian Trails Avoiding Certain Transitions. D0-Favoring Eulerian Trails in Digraphs. Pairwise Compatible Eulerian Trails. Pairwise Compatible Eulerian Trails in Digraphs. A-Trails in Plane Graphs. Transformations of Eulerian Trails.

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Transforming Arbitrary Eulerian Trails in Graphs. Transforming Eulerian Trails of a Special Type. Transformation of Eulerian Trails in Digraphs. Final Remarks and Some Open Problems.

clublavoute.ca/zazax-barajas-de.php Can be read by a mathematician not yet familiar with graph theory, but will also be of interest to researchers since it contains many recent results and partial solutions to some unsolved problems. It contains enough material for an undergraduate or graduate graph theory course which emphasizes eulerian graphs. But it is also of interest to researchers because it contains many recent results.

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