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Red is the rising sun, bringing us a new day, new experiences, we thank you, Great Spirit, for each new day that we are allowed to live upon Our Mother Earth. From knowledge springs wisdom and goodness, and we are thankful, oh Wakan Tanka.

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For the morning star that rises in the east. Knowledge shall become the beginning, for ultimate peace throughout this world. Indian Prayer for the East. We must learn the lessons of life through all things and then pass the gifts of life to those that follow in our footsteps If you ask, "What are the fruits of silence? Will you ever begin to understand the meaning of the very soil beneath your feet?

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From a grain of sand to a great mountain, all is sacred. Yesterday and tomorrow exist eternally upon this continent.

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We natives are guardians of this sacred place. Peter Blue Cloud. If Fox is your power animal Although your already a night person, you'll likely become even more nocturnal. You're an astute observer, undetected by others, who hears whats being said, and see what isn't being seen. This gift allows you to be one step ahead of everyone else. Not only do you blend in with your environment to the point of being invisible, but you can also shape-shift into different identities by adjusting your body language and vocal characteristics so that even people that know you at not recognize you at first.

Heal the Women With strong hearts they can help heal the fear that has consumed men, which is what happens when you lose contact with your spirit. When the men are healed, then we can dream the new dream for this Earth and use the Ghost Dance Medicine that Mahto has given us. Then we will be dance with Sitting Bull and the Porcupine once again She has an emotional appeal and touches the hearts of all those who have gone through a long night of praying and singing.

From birth to death we Indians are enfolded in symbols, as in a blanket. An infant's cradle board is covered in designs, to ensure a happy, healthy life for the child. The moccasins of the dead have their soles beaded in a certain way to ease their journey to the hereafter. The Owl Woman who guards the road to the spirit lodges look at these tattoos and lets us pass Some Indians believe that if you don't have these signs of your body, Ghost Woman will throw you over a cliff, and you will have to roam the earth endlessly The Butterfly The Butterfly is a very spiritual bug and represents the presence of good spirits.

Butterflies signal change, metamorphosis, balance, harmony, grace, peace, beauty, and spirituality Butterfly's Message To You Everyone of us emerges from the darkness and gestation, in which we enter as one self and come out as another. Throughout each stage of this transformation process, I remain aware and fully present, so must you.

When you spread your wings and float into your new life, know that you are safe and that this is part of a natural movement You may not know exactly what's going on at any particular stage, but have faith. After a period of exertion your soul will find it's way through the darkness, count on it, then you will emerge into the next expression of "you".

Meditations With The Lakota

Throughout these cycles, faith, share the love, and set crystal clear intentions Sacred Messengers. Mitakuye Oyasin: We are all related. The plight of the non-Indian world is that it has lost respect for Mother Earth, from whom and where we all come. We start out in this world as tiny seed - no different from our animal brothers and sisters, the deer, the bear, the buffalo, or the trees, the flowers, the winged people.

Mother Earth is our real mother, because every bit of us truly comes from her, and daily she takes care of us. The tiny seed takes on the minerals and the waters of Mother Earth Mother Earth Spirituality, Native American. The deer is considered sacred by the Cherokee. Its skin is used to wrap sacred objects, such as the crystal that is kept for seeing ahead and for protecting us from other energies and influences.

The deer was a favorite meal of the Cherokee. Dear hunters knew how to properly offer prayers and make preparations before hunting the deer. Sacred ceremonies followed the killing of a deer, in which the hunters gave thanks and asked for "clearing" or forgiveness. Even the spirit, which belongs to the Great Mystery, returns to its source. Some of our people say this journey takes place on a path of stars.

Healers serve as facilitators and counselors to help patients heal themselves. Healers use stories, humor, music, tobacco, smudging, and ceremonies to bring healing energies into the healing space and focus their effects. The healing process also goes beyond the individual patient.

A sweatlodge is typically a tent-like structure that traps heat under blankets or animal hides, promoting wellness by cleansing and purifying the body and spirit. Ceremony is an essential part of traditional Native healing. Because physical and spiritual health are intimately connected, body and spirit must heal together.

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Traditional healing ceremonies promote wellness by reflecting Native conceptions of Spirit, Creator, and the Universe. They can include prayer, chants, drumming, songs, stories, and the use of a variety of sacred objects. This annual ceremony is typically performed at the summer solstice the time of longest daylight , with preparations beginning up to a year before the ceremony. Though the dance is practiced differently by different tribes, the Eagle serves as a central symbol in the dance, helping bring body and spirit together in harmony, as does the buffalo, for its essential role in Plains Indian food, clothing, and shelter.

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Healers may conduct ceremonies anywhere a sick person needs healing, but ceremonies are often held in sacred places. Special structures for healing are often referred to as Medicine Lodges. Wherever they take place, traditional healing ceremonies are considered sacred, and are only conducted by Native healers and Native spiritual facilitators. Non-Natives may participate by invitation only.

The star alignments of the wheel are most accurate for about AD This wheel, a U. The Medicine Wheel, sometimes known as the Sacred Hoop, has been used by generations of various Native American tribes for health and healing. It embodies the Four Directions, as well as Father Sky, Mother Earth, and Spirit Tree—all of which symbolize dimensions of health and the cycles of life.

The Medicine Wheel can take many different forms. It can be an artwork such as artifact or painting, or it can be a physical construction on the land. Hundreds or even thousands of Medicine Wheels have been built on Native lands in North America over the last several centuries.

This helps to align with the forces of Nature, such as gravity and the rising and setting of the Sun. The eagle represents the vision, insight, leadership, healing, and wisdom needed to overcome health and life issues. In Native legend, the thunderbird is a powerful spirit in the form of a bird, sometimes eagle-like, who produces thunder from his wings and lightning flashes from his eyes.

The thunderbird projects power, protection, and even fear. Wood Collection. Different tribes interpret the Medicine Wheel differently. Each of the Four Directions East, South, West, and North is typically represented by a distinctive color, such as black, red, yellow, and white, which for some stands for the human races. The Directions can also represent:. Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian healers all have a long history of using indigenous, or native, plants for a wide variety of medicinal purposes. Medicinal plants and their applications are as diverse as the tribes who use them.

Today, indigenous plants are central to efforts to improve dietary health for current generations. Alaska Natives and various Indian tribes have similar projects emphasizing traditional foods. In this very real sense, food is medicine. Sea salt, red and white Hawaiian name: Paakai. Wahine Paakai is female salt sea salt with red clay added.

Kane Paakai is male salt white. Hawaiian medicinal plants grow in many areas, including in the vicinity of heiaus or temples, sites that are considered sacred. A poultice of roots and leaves can be used to treat insect bites. The raw fruit has a laxative effect.

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The trunk is used to make a tobacco mix and a sore throat chew. The plant is also used ceremonially in fertility rites. Most Hawaiian medicinal plants are foods that have additional curative properties. Healers view food as medicine, along with fresh, clean air and water. In all cases, healers offer a prayer to ask permission and give thanks for the medicines before harvesting and preparing them, and ask permission to facilitate medicinal healing on behalf of the Creator. Community is an essential aspect of Native conceptions of health. Historically, Native peoples often had little resistance to diseases introduced from other parts of the world.

The health of the patients and the extraordinarily harsh living on Kalaupapa sparked an international response, including a 19th-century mission led by Catholic priest Father Damien. The Kalaupapa story illustrates the devastating impact of external contact on Native Hawaiian health. But it is also a story of the compassionate care of Father Damien, and of the physicians who still tend to the remaining patients. It also illustrates how advances in medical knowledge can overcome ignorance.

Native games are more than just games. They build body and spirit through exercise and are played by all age groups—children, youth, and adults. Many games have roots in ancestral tests of strength and sport that reinforced group cooperation and sharpened survival skills in often hostile environments.

For warriors, the games helped maintain their readiness and combat skills between times of war. Today, games are as important as ever. The gradual shift to a more sedentary lifestyle has highlighted the need to reawaken interest in physical activity, especially among Native youth.

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Promoting games and sports is an important part of improving the health and well-being of Native populations. Stickball, a Native game that is the forerunner of lacrosse, can be played by a large number of players, sometimes involving entire tribal communities. In stickball, both teams must move the ball down the field using only their sticks—no touching or throwing of the ball is allowed.