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Narrative, because it prioritizes the analysis of prose over poetry, against the traditional use of critical literature on the subject up to this point. Transculturality, because the Spanish avant-garde simply cannot be understood without the acknowledgement of its multi-linguistic reality and the transnational scope of the experience of Modernism in Europe — of which Spain was an integral yet underexposed component. And intermediality, because the interrelations of painting, photography, film, and literature articulate a correlation and mutual affect among different media, creating a rich cultural tapestry that needs to be addressed.

Jahrhundert erforscht haben. Jahrhunderts darstellt. Editors: Gordon Collier and Ulrich Fleischmann. Originating in the vocabulary associated with colonial expansion in the Americas it had been successively narrowed down to the field of black American culture or of particular linguistic phenomena.

Motif-index Of Folk Narratives In The Pan-Hispanic Romancero - Harriet Goldberg

The authors are established scholars from the areas of literature, linguistics and cultural studies; they all share a lively and committed interest in the Caribbean area — certainly not the only or even oldest realm in which processes of creolization have shaped human societies, but one that offers, by virtue of its history of colonialization and cross-cultural contact, its most pertinent example.

The collection, beyond its theoretical interest, thus also constitutes an important survey of Caribbean studies in Europe and the Americas. Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement. Valencia: Albatros Hispanofila.

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  3. Statistical thermodynamics on surfaces and interfaces.

Catholic Biblical Encyclopedia. The Language of Zuyua. American Ethnologist Anthropology Department, Johns Hopkins University.

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She kills. Esopete pp. Friar, living alone, away from community in hope of controlling anger,. Holy man's simple statement of faith vanquishes disputation of. Fox learns from fate of other animal. Fox learns wisdom of giving. King descends to bottom of sea in glass barrel to learn wisdom firom. Ruler learns to be merciful fi-om example of bees who die after they.

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