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Jammed with helpful and inspirational information on positioning yourself for the next level. Be prepared to take a lot of notes! He lives in Dallas with his wife and five children. Jakes believes there is nothing more important than your next decision. Before you make another choice, this is a must-read! D - LibraryThing Jammed with helpful and inspirational information on positioning yourself for the next level.

Be prepared to take a lot of notes! He has been the host of national radio and television broadcasts and is regularly featured on the highly rated Dr. Phil show.

He lives in Dallas with his wife and five children. Redeem the years you lost. She described how she had built the home with dry branches gathered on the plains nearby and cow manure that she used as mortar to fill the holes and joints of the walls. All of the homes in her village were held together by cow dung. I detected a faint, earthy odor, likely all that remained from the pungent manure, now dried.

Reposition Yourself Reflections: Living a Life Without Limits

Cows are the source and raw material for many of the necessary items in their lives. I sat on her bed made from the hide of a cow. Her dirt floors were swept clean. I could see the faint rake marks in them. She offered me a drink of milk that had been fermented into a yogurt of sorts, not recognizable as Dannon. She smiled brightly—revealing teeth that clearly had never been touched by a dentist—as she acknowledged how much prosperity she enjoyed.

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Had she been listening to the latest Tony Robbins tape? Or did she have riches that no accountant can measure that comforted her in a way that I knew nothing about? Some are surprised that I comfortably sat in a house made of cow dung with my feet on a dirt floor. You may see my life like someone who comes to the last few scenes of a movie, not having seen the beginning.

I remember entering their homes on rickety steps beneath which canned preserves were stored. I recall that newspaper filled the holes of walls, blocking wind and even daylight from reaching inside. We did not have indoor plumbing either. We went down to the creek for water and to an outhouse rather than a bathroom. I know the humbling feeling of that experience in my own life.

I know also what it is to have my car repossessed, my children drinking milk provided by WIC, to make a game with my boys out of feeling our way through the house when the electricity had been cut off for nonpayment. My visit with Jahi in a world where a goat is a luxury compelled me to revise my own definition of success and prosperity.

I understood more than ever that prosperity is more than the trinkets of excess we use as icons of accomplishment and self-worth in our culture. Prosperity is built upon progress, and progress is measured from the point at which we started. Many times in our culture we assume that we all compete on an equal playing field. That is simply not true. Clapping, dancing, and smiling was the response from the village below. Our pilot explained that the rains are a sign of prosperity and great blessing.

I smiled to myself, considering how often in my world the rain is viewed as an inconvenience, something that deters people from traveling.

Reposition Yourself

Too often the term prosperity gets hijacked to mean nothing more than an elusive state of temporary bliss and positive karma. Certain extremists in the faith-based community teach that faith is only a matter of dollars and cents. They quote scriptures that promise great wealth. Some among us manipulate Scripture to fit their own purposes and achieve personal gain. Others teach piety and asceticism and promote the idea that poverty should be worn as a badge of superiority, that it is somehow more godly to barely be able to feed your children than to be wealthy.

This was and is the norm in some church communities. My mother said that she studied by kerosene light, reading classroom assignments at the foot of a bed that she shared with five or six other children, all of whom walked miles each morning to attend school. I was raised in West Virginia, the second-most-impoverished state in the nation.

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The healthy state of mind is somewhere in between. Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits is meant to give you the tools to help you succeed and be prosperous. It could also be a Mercedes to park in front of your condo or a donkey to ride to an open-air market. I hope to also give you some tools for coping with people—and their numbers are great in our society—who have contempt for your success. America is one of the richest nations in the world and yet so many of its people feel disdain for the wealthy.

Some also feel disdain for the poor. We think of ourselves as middle class and entitled to look down our noses both at someone we think is a welfare mother, and at someone we think is a designer-clad lady living in luxury. Neither attitude is justifiable. God blesses His people—all of us.

Faith is the substance of whatever it is that we hope for. The important thing is that we teach that faith is connected to good works and responsibility. Otherwise, when we teach that faith is all that is necessary, we teach a belief in magic. In just a short time I will have been on Earth one half century.

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So many memories. When this milestone birthday came up recently in conversation, a friend asked me, What words of wisdom have you garnered? What would you do differently and what would you say to those who feel that they only go around once and feel powerless to correct what may be perceived as less than glowing results? The sad memories of a lost opportunity have made many people bitter the rest of their lives. Often it is not the fatigue of the Olympic competitor that is debilitating as much as it is the feeling that if he had lunged farther, or pushed harder, he might have been holding the golden cup of victory as opposed to the bottled water of defeat.

None of us welcomes regret. We want to live to the fullest, spiritually, financially, and even relationally. Yet we often settle for less than the best life we could live. Lulled into sleep by a sense of apathetic compliance, we accept as limitations situations that could be transcended. Are you tired of living from paycheck to paycheck?

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Hold your breath while credit cards clear? Do you grow weary of those closest to you feeling as if they cannot get in touch with who you really are? No one knows but you the extent to which your public success masks private failures. Do you want more out of this next phase of life than what you have now? Most of us do not want to wander aimlessly, taking life as it comes.

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We want to take charge of our destiny and see goals accomplished progressively, according to a plan. There are things in our lives that limit us. You can only correct what you are willing to confront. But I have learned over the years to say what has to be said and face what has to be faced. Many choose to live in a perpetual state of denial rather than do the hard work that is needed to confront issues, weaknesses, and inconsistencies in themselves and others.

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Do you have the courage to face the dark, silently sinister enemy that may be lurking inside of you? Do you have the courage to confront yourself? For the purpose of healing and not hiding, take a heart-to-heart look at some issues that may be stopping you from reaching your goals and living your life to the fullest. Frequently used for cases of abuse of alcohol and drugs as well as for addictions to unhealthy behaviors, intervention is a valuable tool for helping the person who has destructive behavior see the patterns of his life and their effect on those around him.

Surrounded by those who know her best, the person is forced to look at her addictive or compulsive behavior and examine her life, perhaps facing the truth of it for the first time.