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Great Selection. Each ComputerLand store presents everything you ever Your first st op a t ComputerLand wan t ed to kn ow about may well be your last stop. And th en some. ComputerLand offers th e fin est Take o ur Game Room , for quality and sta rte rs. You ' ll find excitement for th e whole family in our end less variety of cha lle nging computer games. You ca n battle the Kling o ns in an out -of-thi s-world game of Star Trek.

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Wh ich m ea ns, Genuine Service. Rath e r than a com - Exactly when you p lete syst em that isn't. Or a limited system th at is. Be Our Guest.

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We' ll sit down and talk abo ut the system that's ri ght fo r you. It' s as easy as that a t Compute rLand. People, in short, w ho c an offer both the novice and the o ld hand the same expert guidance in se lecting The great computer store. Call or write for the address of the ComputerLand store nearest you. Yet, assisting in the purchase is o nly th e beginning of Franchise opportunities available. ComputerLand 's service. If the kit you bought requires a little more do-it-yourself than you yourself can do, we p rovide assembly assistance.

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And it's all S compatible, so you'll be able to work together operated power switch for with the largest group of peripherals, software, suppliers and system system security, spare power users in personal computing. T regulators for your small Mainframes, interfacing, memory, software-The Equinox System M peripherals, and more.