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1. Introduction

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Superconducting permanent magnets High temperature superconducting HTS tape can be cut and stacked to generate large magnetic fields at cryogenic temperatures after inducing persistent currents in the superconducting layers. Researchers working in this discipline area. Mark Blamire. Angelo Di Bernardo. Judith Driscoll. Bartek Glowacki.

Bismuth oxide superconductors, and devices and systems comprising such a superconductor

Jason Robinson. About this site Cookies Privacy policy. Schwartz represented a compilation of all the applications of superconducting technology. Schwartz and S. The growth of applied superconductivity has mushroomed in the decade of the 's. Technologies which were discussed in the beginning of the 's are now beyond the prototype stage.

In this book, a complete review of all materials technology is presented by leading authorities who were instrumental in the development of superconducting materials technology.

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JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Buy eBook. The maximum values of I c at 10 T are close to A for this wire with 0.

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This value is equivalent to a I c of A for a wire of 0. The development of a Nb,Ta 3 Sn multifilamentary superconductor wire using the internal Sn method in Nb The 0. The wire presented superconducting transport properties higher than those available in commercial conductors.

These values are higher than the expected values for the optimization of the MHD channel. The magnetic field of 10 T is that found at the critical points of the superconducting magnet, for the conditions where the MHD channel has the optimized generated energy.

The heat treatment temperatures were low enough and the heat treatment times were short enough to avoid structural problems with the MHD channel materials.

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The fabrication of the superconductor wire can be scaled up to supply the minimum length necessary for the MHD superconducting magnets through the use of extrusion in the initial stage of the deformation process. This extrusion can use billets with larger initial diameter, which will generate longer final lengths after the deformation. These longer lengths can also be reached using bundling in longer Cu tubes and deformation through wire drawing. The authors would like to thank the financial support by CNPq-Brazil under grant no. Pinatti, D. Gazzinelli, R.

Singapore: World Scientific, p. Rodrigues Jr. PhD Thesis. Murase, S. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal. Keywords: superconductivity, magnetohydrodynamic channel, Nb 3 Sn 1. Introduction The development of high performance superconductor wires capable of carrying high critical currents I c under magnetic fields between 5 and 12 T is the goal of the international manufacturers for several applications, like the fusion projects. Low Temperature Characterization After the heat treatments, the samples were characterized at low temperature liquid helium at 4.