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Viewers are being presented with a visually quantifiable surface where the patterns and forms of the drawings attempt to share the sequential information stored. People have a very difficult time accepting the fragility of their own existence. N: How long did it take you to develop the algorithm for this series? MN: The original version was composed of some initial drawings and sketches that I had made in my head over the course of a few weeks.

The initial iterations of the code were developed primarily to produce CAD files for using a 3D mill in python which I completed over the course of a few days. The original codebase has since developed into a far more complex set of tools for me to leverage and customize.


The art of genes

I work primarily in javascript, it allows me to quickly iterate between versions and easily export SVG files so I can leverage milling tools in addition to traditional printing techniques. MN: My biggest inspirations are the complex mechanisms that occur in the natural world. N: Since this is a series can you say what the other genes are in the pipeline and are you planning to focus solely on hereditary cancer-related genes?

I like to explore genes that are easy to overlook as they can tell the most interesting stories. N: Are there any gallery shows in the works? Where can people see your art in person? There are other projects in the works for after that but nothing to disclose details on at the moment.


All of my current work is at my private studio in downtown San Diego. They also have prints available to order online.

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  • Exact matches only. Search in title. Search in content. This finding has been backed up by a newly published neuroimaging study which found that elevating serotonin levels in the brain increases connectivity in one of its most important "hubs" — an area called the posterior cingulate cortex. The result is particularly interesting because while serotonin is widely known for regulatingsleep, body temperature and libido, the varying levels of this chemical have been implicated in neuropsychiatric disorders such as bipolar depression.

    Over the past 40 years, Swedish scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm have been conducting one of the largest population-based studies on individuals with mental illnesses and their siblings.

    Your Genes are a Work of Art! - Myriad Genetics

    They found that while severe forms of disorders such as schizophrenia tended to be detrimental for cognition and creativity, individuals with bipolar disorder often ended up in professions where creativity was crucial. In bipolar mania, you have an excessive fast and divergent thinking, increased self-esteem, and never-ending energy and motivation, often to create. These negative symptoms, absent in typical bipolar patients during 'up' states, have a negative effect on creative output.

    But even more intriguingly, the relatives of patients with neuropsychiatric disorders also tended to be more creative. Even though they don't share the illness, they have much in common genetically, suggesting that it is the underlying gene mechanisms, rather than the disorder itself, that is the source of the creative ability.

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    • However, while the discovery of such "creativity genes" indicates that certain people may have a natural propensity for divergent thinking, this does not tell the whole story. A lot depends on how your genes are expressed and this is where the environment can play a defining role. So, are we born creative or not? While factors such as upbringing play a crucial role in your brain's development, the work done by scientists in Scandinavia, Germany and the US has shown that having the right genetic makeup can make your brain more inclined towards creative thinking.

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      The rest of us have to "learn" to be creative. The association between creativity and some neuropsychiatric disorders may well help us uncover more of the genes responsible for unlocking our inner creative spirit. But there are many different shades of creativity and the genes that enhance musical ability may not enhance ability in the visual arts. One thing's for certain, we have a lot more to learn about the nature of humans' wonderful creativity.

      The Art of Genes: How Organisms Make Themselves

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