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As Samantha unearths these forgotten stories, she effectively situates her family within a history of social and legislated racism. Seid Quan arrives in Canada in , six years after the race riots in Chinatown and a decade before the Chinese Immigration Act, which virtually excluded all Chinese immigrants from entering Canada.

The pervasive sense of entrapment comes from a historical context that prevented Chinese Canadians from breaking out of a ghettoized Chinatown existence. Canada and China are oceans apart, and the characters who are both Chinese and Canadian are lonely and adrift in identity confusion. Samantha, who represents the promise of a younger generation, turns to the oblivion of anonymous sex whenever she feels the pull of her familial relationships. Subscribe: Digital Edition.

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Subscribe: Print Edition. Buy Back Issues. Manage Magazine Subscription. A common formula is to equate the East End with the borough of Tower Hamlets.

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That's the bit of London that looks like this:. Like Oxford Dictionaries says, this area is bounded by the City to the west and the River Lea to the east, but it also fixes the limits north and south. At first pass, this looks like a good match. Whitechapel, Bethnal Green, Bow But Canary Wharf? Maybe once, in the age of the docks, but not in the 21st century.

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How many people would look at this view and think 'aha, the East End'? Restricting the boundary to Tower Hamlets also excludes other eastern neighbourhoods that many would place in the East End, such as Hackney and Hoxton.

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And what of those regions beyond the Lea? The watercourse has long served as a border, traditionally separating Middlesex and Essex. It kind of makes sense for the East End to cease at its banks.

But over the river lies Newham, which looks like this:. Maybe we can speak of an inner and outer East End, corresponding to these two boroughs? Still no Hackney, though. An even wider definition would say that anything with an East postcode counts as the East End. Here's what that looks like, nabbed from Wikipedia under CC licence:. This definition includes both Tower Hamlets and Newham, as well as embracing much of Hackney.

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Everyone's happy! Trouble is, using the East postcode also pulls in vast swathes of Redbridge and Waltham Forest, more likely to be mistaken for Essex than the East End.

London on Film - The East End

Indeed, the E4 postcode includes the village of Sewardstone, which isn't even in Greater London. Still, at least it would lend more credence to this Guardian article , which reckons that Walthamstow has 'a proper gor-blimey guv'nor East End heart'. In a final, mischievous twist, we could look to EastEnders for inspiration. The filmset is actually in Borehamwood. One might therefore argue — if one were being totally ludicrous — that the heart of the East End is in Hertfordshire. So, take your pick.