Guide Their Last Suppers: Legends of History and Their Final Meals

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Very interesting…. What an interesting article. Thank you for this depth into a topic that goes often untouched. Just awesomely written. Reblogged this on The International Blogspaper. It is a subject I have been mulling over for a while since I watched a documentary about Huntsville. The man responsible for ushering the prisoner into the death chamber suggested there have been times when the prisoner did not have time for the last meal because of last minute stays that where then rescinded.

However, I think the strangeness is in the idea surrounding the guilt of the executioners and the people that have to deal with this process. Fascinating, haunting, and eerie. Very well done. I had no idea you could order such elaborate meals. Reblogged this on elmaverickfuego.

Reblogged this on blogmassive and commented: Cool. This is such an interesting subject, albeit quite difficult to fully comprehend.

Their Last Suppers

I try to imagine myself carrying the tray to the condemned man, and I wonder just how the people who actually do this cope with their emotions afterwards. I wonder what I would choose if it were my last meal; and I wonder if I would have the heart to eat it. Your treatment of the subject has been as enormously tasty as the meals you described. Whatever my meal would be, large or small, it would include a frosty can of Diet Mountain Dew with a few Fig Newtons. What did the political leaders in Texas expect from the white supremacist Lawrence Russell Brewer to avoid insult from the already supremely angry man?

The offense they showed in Brewer not eating his meal was only a final reward to Brewer.

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The subsequent suspension of the final meal seals it. I had never really considered the idea that we might offer last meals as a way to salve our collective conscience. Food for thought indeed. Reblogged this on Entrepreneurship is where freedom lies. Reblogged this on codycollins7.

25 CRAZIEST Last Meal Requests From Death Row

Reblogged this on aspaciousvacanyofthought and commented: An original analysis that goes beyond the usual method of simply posting lists of the food eaten. Thank you very insightful post. I have sometimes thought people facing the death penalty might be too nervous or upset to eat, but you have shown a different side to comfort food. Interesting blog! I also think about last supper comparisons which also takes me to thoughts about sacrificial meals.

I guess if I had to face this problem, and someone was still watching my flock of sheep, I would ask to have one of the lambs sacrificed, and ask for forgiveness while eating my last lamb. Strange that such decadence should precede such a mournful experience. Delicious food would probably be a distraction at such a critical time.

I would be very interested in research into other cultures which still have the death penalty. For example China. Do the folk there get a last meal and if so is it rich or sweet foods too. Excuse me. Comparing capital punishment to barbarism is absurd in its role as just punishment for depravity. Without a deterrent to somehow curb the criminal tendency of violent offenders, what do advocates of abolishing the practice of capital punishment have in mind?

Perhaps, feeding them to the lions as performed for public entertainment with the lives of Christians as the main course? Reblogged this on Advertability. Reblogged this on Jayne Deacon and commented: What would your last meal be and what does it say about you? I find the idea of the last meal, like capital punishment itself, to be grotesque: making a show of giving someone sustenance and then killing them, indulging them with a bit of pleasure before taking away their life, sending them to their death with a belly full of barely digested food.

I am amazed that the prisoners have any appetite at all, given the circumstances. Reblogged this on Homie Williams. Reblogged this on The Weird and the Wonderful: Reblogged and commented: Interesting topic and a well written reasoning and study. Quite interesting. Boiled crawfish would be nice. Maybe some fried chicken and a fat slice of lemon chiffon pie. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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(DOC) Death Row Nutrition: Curious Observations of Last Meals | Brian Wansink -

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go site John February 11, at am. Very Interesting! My last meal would be cheese burgers…many of them. Linton's Legacy February 11, at am.