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The following Theorem establishes the connection between the foregoing remark and the above questions. In fact ix is is. Hence by Example 4. Suppose S has the common l e f t multiple property 1. Hence by Theorem 4. This induces the exact sequence k 4. This condition i s also sufficient because i t implies K C o R in 4. From the Theorem we can immediately deduce [16,Prop l , p. For a commutative r i n g A ,. However, the converse of Proposition 4.

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Let p be the associated idempotent kernel functor. By Observation 3. This example shows more: 4. Hence EQ 40, cannot be right exact relative to this p.

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But Q is s t i l l exact as always. A similar example of this can be found in abelian groups. The above Example 4. Even though the converse of Proposition 4. In the light of the above Theorem we may regard the l e f t localizations of Silver [28] as arising relative to an idempotent kernel functor which appears very close to having property T.

Again notations from previous sections w i l l be retained. Consequently Hence V completely determines the torsion theory as: 5.

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We denote the kernel functor which arises i n this way by x and observe that x i s idempotent and in fact is the largest idempotent kernel functor for which S is torsion-free [9,Thm 5. From the above discussion we have: 5. But i t is unique up to a relation that is manufactured to do precisely that job.

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Proof: Storrer [17, Appendix] We f i r s t remark that a necessary and sufficient condition for a module X to be T -torsion-free i s that X be cogenerated by I S. This condition is obiously sufficient because products and submodules of torsion-free monules are again torsion-free.

Therefore I M is cogenerated by I N. Proof: If a has property T , i t has already been shown in Proposition 4.


By [16,p. Consequently Rm is a-torsion. Conversely, let U e F. Tachikawa [30] mentions the following result: 5. Proof: Suppose V-dom. Then there is an exact sequence 0 — y X y X.. From R— [17,Lemma A. The coverse-implication follows by symmetry I Out of the similarity class of an injective, we wish to pick out a distinguished representative having the finiteness condition: V Proof: Suppose V is any injective R-module.

Obiously W and V are similar.

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Using this terminology and keeping Lemma. Proof is given in [17,Prop A. Thus by Lemma 5. The fact that A is an abelian subcategory of M i f and only i f EQ is exact, a condition which does not hold in general, caused trouble in Section 3. Property T is a good attempt at patching up this d i f f i c u l t y and also provides some fringe benifits. In [23,Thm 6. Lemma 5. However this i s a particular case of a more general result [23,Thm 3. The Theorem 5. Then Theorem 5. Proof is given in [26] of this Proposition and of the following: 5.

Torsion Theories, Additive Semantics, and Rings of Quotients

In any case, we can always find s e R such that U:sr is proper essential. Hence by Lemma 1. Hence the strongly complete f i l t e r of dense l e f t ideals i s This agrees with the conclusion of Example 5. Fu, Y. Key Engineering Materials, , — Rovenski, V. Heller, H. Internationaler Handel. Physica-Verlag HD, Lambek, J. Lecture Notes in Mathematics. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer, Yaremenko, N.

Journal of Gravity, , 1— Vasudevaiah, M. Effect of torsion in a helical pipe flow. International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, 17 3 , — Rogers, J. Faux, M.

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