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If they grow up confused and ignorant, destructive and self-destructive, then the society that produces them must be so too. Unprecedented levels of divorce, the rise of the single-parent family and even the no-parent family — all create new forms of child abuse, and the abuse of children leads predictably to abuse by children and thereafter to a self-perpetuating cycle of crime and violence.

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How have we let it come to this? Where are we going wrong — and where and how are we getting it right? A study as epic in scope as its subject, The Children We Deserve traces the way children develop in the Western world, from the birth of the child to the death of innocence that we call maturity. By asking what we can do to help children become the kind of people society wants, needs and can value, the book tries to restore the confidence of every parent. Every parent will want to read it, and every child will wish they had. Who Cooked The Last Supper?

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Men dominate history because they write it, and women's vital part in the shaping of the world has been consistently undervalued or ignored. Stunning in its scope and originality, the Women's History of the World challenges all previous world histories and shatters cherished illusions on every page.

Starting with women in pre-history, the author looks beyond the myth of 'Man the Hunter' to reveal women's central role in the survival and evolution of the human race. Women, Work and Power Danger! Men at Work - You may think the battle for sexual equality is over and won, that new laws have made the workplace a paradise of female opportunity. But look around you! Think again! Men at Work.

The wind of change is blowing up the trouserlegs of the male powerholders. Women everywhere are taking a long cool look at their situation and refusing to accept the status quo. And here is a vital handbook to help you on the way.

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Wise, witty, well-informed, often irreverent, always positive — this is the indispensable guide through the minefield of the workplace. Women and Power - All power fascinates — and absolute power fascinates absolutely, as Lord Acton might have said. What is the attraction of certain people towards power — and what is the attraction for others in watching them?

These age-old riddles take on a fresh and tantalising slant when the power-holder is a woman. Until very recently the idea of women and power was a contradiction in terms. The corridors of statecraft, business and industry were reserved for men, and the rare woman who penetrated them did so only as wife, mistress, servant or surrogate. But now throughout the world women are taking over top positions in numbers too great to ignore. Their rise makes necessary not only an account of their own success against all odds, but a revaluation of every cherished myth of power, and of womanhood itself.

How does a woman get power? How does she hold it down? Does it fulfil her as an individual, or frustrate her as a female? And the key question — is a woman of power a rare exception, as popular belief has it — or is she only doing what millions of other women would be doing, given even a whisker of a chance? This book answers all these questions in a committed study of the subject, illuminated by in-depth interviews with 40 top women in Britain and America. Focusing not only on the famous but on the many women who match high achievement with low profile, Dr Rosalind Miles links power, success and self-realisation for women in a provocative and original survey.

This study examines the importance of sexual difference in the novel of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the only art form to which women have contributed on anything like equal terms with men. Their efforts to write as women led to the apparent development of a feminine tradition in the novel.

But this, as Rosalind Miles shows, despite its semblance of novelty, is in fact rooted in the superior romance fiction of the nineteenth century.

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This reassessment of the obscene, far from liberating women, has brought about the emergence of a new set of sexual stereotypes. The thrilling family saga of five unforgettable women who remade Europe From the great courts, glittering palaces, and war-ravaged battlefields of the seventeenth century comes the story of four spirited sisters and their glamorous mother, Elizabeth Stuart, granddaughter of the martyred Mary, Queen of Scots. An engaging illustrated history of feminism from antiquity through third-wave feminism, featuring Sappho, Mary Magdalene, Mary Wollstonecraft, Sojourner Truth, Simone de Beauvoir, and many others.

In A Room of One's Own , Virginia Woolf imagines that Shakespeare had a sister—a sister equal to Shakespeare in talent, and equal in genius, but whose legacy is radically different. This imaginary woman never writes a word and dies by her own hand, her genius unexpressed. A landmark collection documenting the social, political, and artistic lives of African American women throughout the tumultuous nineteenth century. Writing in an age when the call for the rights of man had brought revolution to America and France, Mary Wollstonecraft produced her own declaration of female independence in Soon to be a major motion picture starring Taraji P. From 1 New York Times bestselling author Cokie Roberts comes New York Times bestseller Founding Mothers, an intimate and illuminating look at the fervently patriotic and passionate women whose tireless pursuits on behalf of their families—and their country—proved just as crucial to the forging of a new nation as the rebellion that established it.

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